Saturday, July 4, 2009

the Mr Sir

I think that this will be the cover of the up and comming Mr Sir Ep

It at least seems fitting seeing as how most of the guitars and basses on the album were put through my old trusty Big Muff. One of my tracks actulay dates from like 2 years ago, i just put some more guitar on it and called it a day, the other one is only a couple months old

Feel It Comming - The guitars were done through guitar rigs orange simulator but were big muffed before entering protools, The bass was DI then put through the Ampex amplitube. They lead synth is my Roland Sh-1000 and the chorus was the Juno 60 with lots of the onboard chorus to try to get it to sound more leslieish.

Shake Me - Basicly the same set up, but the bass was big muffed too, lots of memory man on the clean guitar, and a healthy dose of glockenspeil with some tremolo.

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