Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's you

i almost killed the computer doing this one.
for some reason Protools has felt like being a jerk lately and feels like freezing up everything.
Its got a lot of stuff going on, i started off with the piano and then did vocals, the lead if 4 tracks, 2 parts so i could finish one line while starting another then double tracked. 2 more tracks for the back up vocals plus ADT on them (about a 30 millisecond delay panned the opposite side to thicken it up) i didn't want to put in real drums so i started slapping a beat on my legs, and put hand claps in instead of snares, then i ended up putting a real drum track in and just leaving the other parts to augment the real drums. After that i did the banjo and ADT'd that so i could pan it to one side but still have it take up space on the other. I played bass to double the bass hand on the piano and put in the wah guitar. After that i just spent like half an hour trying to play a good sounding solo, double tracked that and then put the glockenspiel heavily compressed then through a Leslie simulator. Enjoy!


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