Monday, June 29, 2009


This has been a tough few weeks
Matt coming down reminded me of what i love in life, food, traveling music and a good documentary.
Then Breaking up
But having a day out with Owen and Jeff the next day really made me feel better, and hanging out with Steph more lately too has me really feeling a lot closer to the band. It's weird to have this falling out and coming together at the same time in life, but i guess this means I'm off to a new chapter, i just wish every time i moved on with myself it didn't feel like i got cut off from the world as it was before.
But on the music front, the albums starting to come together on my end, i think I'm done the majority of my tracking for 3 or 4 songs and have been writing a lot more lately, something about hectic emotional ups and downs always gets me writing a lot of music.

Some music

Flies on my Duck - Mellotron Cell0 and Choir, Vocals, Timps, Banjo, Acoustic and Vocals) these are just my tracks for the song, its still missing drums, piano, bass and glockenspiel

Take A Little Time - Vocoded Bass and NaNa's with Roland SH-1000 and Yamaha CS-01, Acoustic Guitar, Bontempi Organ, Circuit Bent Sk-1, SH-1000 random note Generator, Vocals, 808 and probably something else I'm missing Again no Drums, Piano, Bass and vocal Harmony.

Dancey Dance Dance? - Just a thing i made the other day fooling around with the CS-01 through a emulation of a Mutron Flanger and moog analog delay, my Danelectro 59Dc through a big muff, Boss Space Echo and a Whammy into A Fender Deluxe Reverb and a sampled Dmx drum kit